The iDempiere World Conference is an annual event that brings together the global iDempiere community to learn, collaborate, and grow the iDempiere software ecosystem. The conference offers talks, panels, and Q&A sessions where attendees can share ideas, make connections, and contribute to building a common core ecosystem.

The conference is open to everyone who uses iDempiere and benefits from it, whether you’re a longtime member of the iDempiere community, a business owner who relies on iDempiere, or new to iDempiere. The conference provides valuable insights and opportunities for attendees to advance their skills, careers, and businesses.

The 4th iDempiere World Conference is scheduled to take place in February 2023 in Bahrain. While the specific details of the event are not yet known, attendees can expect to experience a dynamic and informative event that highlights the power and potential of the iDempiere community.

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